Test table generator

Test table generator is a table getter website that scrapes the faculty of science's test table page and displays the results.
I built this project using Nextjs, Puppeteer and Mantine component library.


  • Next js
  • React
  • Puppeteer
  • Mantine component library
screenshots of Test table generator on different devices

Why this stack?

I choose Next-js and React because of the awesome DX and api routes.
Puppeteer because in my opinion it's the best library to web scrape using javascript and is used here to scrape the test table page and get the user's courses by codes or names.
Mantine dev was the component library of choice because of it's amazing, beautiful and accessible components.

Lessons learned

  • Solved a problem for me and other students and future students
  • Gained more experience with Puppeteer and Nextjs's api routes.
  • used mantine dev component library.