Would You Rather

Would you rather is a React and Redux powered web app built to mimic would you rather game.
I built this project from with React ,Redux, Redux-toolkit , React-strap and Bootstrap for styling.


  • React
  • Redux
  • Bootstrap
  • JSON file as a fake database
screenshots of Would You Rather on different devices

Why this stack?

React was the ui framework for me because my familiarity with it and it's amazing react-redux package that binds both well.
I chose Redux because I wanted a managed global store and predictable state
Boostrap was the styling framework because I wanted to get my hands dirty with Redux without focusing too much on styling.

Lessons learned

  • Never write vanilla Redux again :D , seriously after writing a few reduces and actions , I felt that it was complex, hard to manage and code was hard to keep track of. then I found Redux-toolkit package and I was amazed by the amount of boilerplate i removed from the code base and it was amazing.
  • Gained more experience with React and it's ecosystem.